La Grosse Gueule

Despite my love for sweets, I have difficulties finding a dessert that is a perfect match for my stomach and my taste buds. Hence, I decided to come up with my own recipes with the goal of preserving the same delicious flavour of the foods while cutting in sugar and fat during its preparation. And this is how La Grosse Gueule was born. 

La Grosse Gueule means "The Big Mouth"* in French. It is a blog for the healthy, hungry and curious eaters. In most recipes, one cup of sugar and half a cup of oil/butter is used for one cup of all-purposed flour, however, recipes here cut in average 50% of the oil or butter and 60% of the sugar, which is great for those who are in diet, living a low-in-sugar and low-in-fat lifestyle, or taking a break from overly flavoured American foods. Diet and incapability to cook are invalid excuses for not cooking!

Preparing your own food is a way to meditate: you cultivate yourself to culinary art, you become part of the food creation process, and thus, you understand what you eat. The fun of preparing the food and the joy of sharing, this is the culinary art.

Good luck and enjoy!

*Gueule is specifically an animal's mouth. 

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